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2012 Assessment Data Tracker - fixbot - 01-01-2013

2012 Assesment Data (from 2011) on a few select properties:

Two searches from Jesse:
SE Vancouver SFH and Fairview condo

wreckonomics said 9 months ago:
Here’s something from the Olympic Village:


crabman said 9 months ago:
1st search is False Creek north, 2nd is Homer St.


RE: 2012 Assessment Data Tracker - VMD - 01-02-2013

This is my brief attempt to capture the Sale price trend vs 2012 Assessment Price (published Jan 1st, 2013) in an area of Vancouver West.

I picked this area because a friend of mine just bought there in early 2012.

As we can see, the buyers who bought in Jan-Mar 2012 paid 9-10% OVER their 2012 assessment price (assessed on July 1st, 2012).
By September, properties are changing hands at 6% UNDER assessment price.

We already know Van West property values are dropping based on REBGV HPI data; this is just another interesting angle to look at declining prices relative to assessment prices.

Sample size = 96. This list is generated from E-Value BC website via "Export to Excel" function.

2012 Assessment vs Purchase Price (a Van West neighborhood)