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Small House Movement
04-16-2014, 11:05 PM,
RE: Sunshine Coast Small Business: A Looming Crisis?
Interesting about Bowen Jimmy.
I like to look at raw unserviced land because that is what tends to slip first.
Along with Recreational and 2nd homes.
I recall going to an investment seminar in 2007 and one of the Margined Paperstock daytraders was wanting to know the best RE deal in Kelowna.
I told him... start looking at Condos on Big White next year, buy in about 5 years from the receiver.
It's like I had taken the last toy out of his play pen...lip quiver...
There was a resort condo sold last week in Kelowna, @ $128.000.
In 2007 one exactly like it sold for $274.000.
Big White Condos that were selling for $125.000 are listed for $43.500.
And there is now 137 MLS property listings on Big White.
Every Ski hill is the same. People cannot afford the gas to get to the hill... never mind the lift ticket.
The demographics do not look good in that industry.. most of the old hardcore are on their second set of knees..
The same with Golf Courses and Wineries and the housing attached. Nobody talks about the dirty little secret of the chemicals used in these industries.

Did you just hear a loud POP?
I do hear you on the size of the houses.
And you are right... the taxation has not even started to ramp up.
Seems like just before every downturn every small town builds a new police station, city hall, fire hall or puts in a bazzillion dollar water system.
They use variable rate money and that puts an ugly spin on the spread when the credit crunches.

We go to a local swap meet. The 20 somethings are disenchanting from their stuff.
They bring their treasured collections and sell them off like a Beany Baby Clearout.
I look at the old guys with stamp collections, selling envelopes of uncancelled at 1/2 face.
Records, Sports Cards, Hot Wheels, Books, DVD's, Games. are all 25 cents to $5.
Tools, clothes and household goods are 10 cents on the dollar.
Auctions and pawn shops are gasping their last.
New has little value and nobody wants used.
Like you said.... everything is online.
People are buying lawn furniture rather than regular stuff.
Then they just put it out on the curb instead of moving it.
I hear the seniors howling that the grandkids refuse to even take treasured family antiques.
They don't want or need the baggage. It has no value.
Coming up soon is the University Garage sale.
Kids outfit their dorms and then sell down to a backpack before they leave for the year.
I hear last year microwaves were $2. Storage places are empty.
In years gone by the students stored stuff... not any more.
Restaurants are reducing hours and pubs are trying to add them.
Whole Commercial areas with huge empty built out commercial... and they are building more.
Every Dealership in town has built a Romanesque edifice to flog cars in.
I told my husband... "How ironic...nobody remembers how Rome ended?"
They outsourced, overtaxed, over regulated and defaced the money.
Rinse... Repeat? sigh.

It is nice to have company in the observation. Thanks. N

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