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Small House Movement
04-21-2014, 06:12 AM,
Small House Movement
While over in Jimmy's thread on Business, I veered wildly off topic as I am pretty much guaranteed to do.
So many interconnected. Eyeroll. Tongue
In the interests of cleaning things up a bit.
Please dump Mini home stuff here.

My link...
Raj over at Moduline in Kelowna figures he can custom build something similar.
He is currently building Park Models.

I am finding is interesting how the guys that are taking the Heavy Machine Operator course in Kelowna.
The powers that be have decreed that one cannot just plunk a kid on a machine.
They need a certificate first. So a lot of the Northern Bands are using the Native Education bursary and sending their young guys down here to take the course.
It is funny... the first week or so they are really quiet because they don't know anyone...
Then it is party hard with hair straight back for a few weeks.
Then somebody clues them in that to get a job they need to pass a drug test.
So then they are sitting in the sauna, sweat lodging, playing cards and smoking the rest of the time.
It is almost a right of passage. Nice guys, I like the Northern/Rural kids the province is putting out.

Anyway... to circle back to the topic at hand.
A lot of times it is impossible to get a mortgage for a home on Band Land.
A Vehicle Loan and an RV loan are a whole different thing.
It is based on income, not location.
And rolling into rural towns/camps, finding a place to live is difficult.

If you were a homeowner, would you build a rental house pay taxes on that?
Or put in a Power mast, a Sewer diverter and water bib and charge 60% of income for 3% of the outlay?
You notice that a lot of the northern properties listed for sale have an RV hook-up advertised?
In the old days Mama used to sell eggs to pay for the homestead.
Now she rents that Hook-up.

RV's used to be a summer season only but now there is mobile skirting made by CCV
It is a Polycell or Hardfoam core with Fiberglass, Aluminum, plastic heatglued to the outside.
They use the same thing for the back ramps on the Toybox RV's
Incredibly strong, lightweight, bug proof, insulated and workable.
Comes in up to 9'6 x 27 ft lengths. 1/2" to 7" thickness.

... and I loop back to the mini homes.
How much would a mini home cost if you used this stuff?
Hmmmn... I should send a link to Nomad out of Vancouver

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