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Well everyone, it appears my posts in the forum have PO'd developers on the Sunshine Coast, big time. I guess my spreadsheets indicating what has sold, when it has sold and for what price was just too much for them to bear - so, since they couldn't come after me then went after my source of all the wonderful info - SC Realtor Gary LIttle's interactive real estate map. The 'sold' data for homes/condos&townhouses/mobiles/vacant lots reaching back to 2010 has been removed from the map. Pity, I had so much fun with all that old Sold info. I had a gut feeling this might happen and I was probably foolish to indicate in posts where the info was coming from, but I didn't want anyone to think I was making the info up.

I'm thinking that perhaps the biggest pressure has come from Pacific Spirit Properties of 'Watermark on Sechelt' - that post has now reached over 6,000 views.

Well, it's too late a move, I am now finished with new Sechelt developments anyways. I will be moving up the coast and I've already stockpiled a lot of that old 'Sold' data.

December 11, 2013 Update:
Have renamed thread.
December 5, 2013 Update:

At the time RC Realtor Gary Little removed all the "sold" data from his interactive real estate map back at the beginning of June, he also removed all the links to the lower mainland RE maps. Well, as of a couple days ago, all the links were put back.

You can now use Little's site to cruise:

All Metro Vancouver (houses & condos)
All Surrey (houses & condos)
Fraser Valley (houses & condos)

Just click on the arrow by the "Map being displayed" box on the left above the map for a drop-down menu to pick your poison.

I wonder what happened to turn this situation around?

He did have Kelowna & Kamloops up there, too, a couple of days ago; but, they are now gone. I was cruising Kamloops and was stunned at how many pics the Realtors were loading with the listings - one had 80, another 72, some were 30-60. Wow, those Realtors have too much time on their hands - cause nothing is selling, I guess. Maybe that is why Little removed those links. There were taking too long to load and slowing down his site. Sorry, Gary, it was me...LOL. Tongue
Well, son-of-a-gun, the only areas you can access now on Little's site outside of the Sunshine Coast is Surrey - whoopee do.

I don't know when the other area maps disappeared because I wasn't paying attention since I don't use them. That's too bad.

If I notice them back, I will post word. So for now, you can get access the house & condo maps for North, Central and South Surrey. You can hardly knock yourself out with that, can you. Oh, well, they come and they go.