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Full Version: Vancouver Island - An Introduction
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We’ve been taught that ‘nature abhors a vacuum and rushes in to fill it’; well, so does Skook and this area of the board has been empty for far too long.

I been checking out the stats provided by the Greater Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) and the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) and thought, “What the hell I might as well make some tables and charts and put them up.” Since overall I know very little about what is happening on the Island, I will just be sticking to statistics and perhaps anyone with first-hand knowledge will jump in and offer their insights.

I visited these stats for one major reason: to determine the impact of WestJet’s decision to set up a direct route from Alberta to Vancouver Island (via Comox) in 2001. According to what I have read, this led to an explosion of recreational property sales on the east coast of the island as well as on the Sunshine Coast - particularly in the Pender Harbour area. It is only a 20 minute float plane ride over to SC from Comox and a couple of companies have run daily flights between the Island, SC and Vancouver for years.

I am working on the historical data from both the VREB and VIREB and it is definitely showing that strong upturn in sales beginning in 2001. The resulting charts will, I think, ‘knock your socks off’ and I hope to have some of the data and charts up in the forum by Sunday night.