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Full Version: Squamish Data
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See bottom of thread for latest update
(03-25-2013, 09:43 PM)Bailing in BC Wrote: [ -> ]I have been compiling some limited data on Squamish. The first page is inventory. The second is some of the listings I have been tracking and the third and fourth are assessments and sales data from assessment BC. I thought perhaps it would be of some use to someone out there.

As a Squamish resident, I support this post.
Enjoy clockbike. Let me know if any of it is not clear. I put it together for my own personal use and didn't necessarily think about making it easy to follow for others
Here is an update on the Squamish Data I have collected. If anyone has any data to add let me know. I have highlighted several listings on the listings history page that I thought were notable. One listing dropped $700k in one go, one listing sold for 7% over ask. One listing is back on the market after only being purchased a year and 4 months ago. There are several foreclosures that I am keeping track of. Don't forget to check out the BC foreclosures and bankruptcy graph, I'm not seeing any trend yet but these graphs have to start somewhere. You may notice that I have started to compile the data daily rather than waiting for reports from fresh days, so the same cases will be counted in 3 reports so everything should be divided by 3

Here is the update that you all have been waiting for with baited breath (clockbike?)

I apologize for the gap in data but I moved house over summer and life took precedence.

Of note this update is the inventory page. The total number of listings on the MLS has always differed slightly from the sum of all the individual categories (SFH, TH, condos etc) but now it has completely detached with a difference of 21 listings. I have no explanation for this. I can't see a motive for wanting listings to seem higher than they are, so it's a mystery to me. Perhaps someone else can come up with a plausible explanation?

Don't forget to check out the foreclosure bankruptcy page (all of BC)