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Full Version: 2012 Assessment Data Tracker
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2012 Assesment Data (from 2011) on a few select properties:

Two searches from Jesse:
SE Vancouver SFH and Fairview condo

wreckonomics said 9 months ago:
Here’s something from the Olympic Village:


crabman said 9 months ago:
1st search is False Creek north, 2nd is Homer St.

This is my brief attempt to capture the Sale price trend vs 2012 Assessment Price (published Jan 1st, 2013) in an area of Vancouver West.

I picked this area because a friend of mine just bought there in early 2012.

As we can see, the buyers who bought in Jan-Mar 2012 paid 9-10% OVER their 2012 assessment price (assessed on July 1st, 2012).
By September, properties are changing hands at 6% UNDER assessment price.

We already know Van West property values are dropping based on REBGV HPI data; this is just another interesting angle to look at declining prices relative to assessment prices.

Sample size = 96. This list is generated from E-Value BC website via "Export to Excel" function.

2012 Assessment vs Purchase Price (a Van West neighborhood)