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Full Version: How the Van Peak reputation system works
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We've set up a new reputation system that may affect how you take part in discussions on the Vancouver Peak forum.

Users with negative reputation will be unable to post links, attachments or videos until their reputation has moved to zero or above.

All users can add or subtract reputation from other users, so you may want to add reputation to user posts you appreciate to keep trolls from bringing them down below negative.

The reputation button is at the bottom left of all user posts and looks like the attached image. [attachment=401]

Clicking on that button will open up a box that will let you add or subtract reputation and give a reason why if you want.

If your reputation falls below zero and you are no longer able to post links don't take it personally. It could be that someone disagrees with the content of your post or feels that you're using the forum for personal gain rather than taking part in the discussion.

Since you still have the ability to post you may want to take part in a discussion and see if that will raise your reputation to the point where you can post links again.

And if you see someone post something that you find useful or interesting, please consider taking a moment to click that little box and add to their reputation.