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Full Version: Why buying is better than renting.
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An argument for why its better to buy than to rent.

Haven't seen many of these recently. Big Grin
And . . . the contrary point of view:

Skook recently came upon an article by Edward J. Pinto analyzing whether it is better to rent or buy given current prices and rental rates in the neighborhood where you want to live.

I am posting this here as a reference for those contemplating this important decision. Skook’s thoughtful and excellent thread on this topic as applied to the Sunshine Coast can be found here.
Here's an over-the-top rent vs purchase calculator specifically tailored for BC.

Open the spreadsheet in the link at the top of the article. First page is an introduction. Click on tabs at bottom to see detailed calculations.

Calculate, rinse, repeat!
Not enough choices for 'buy vs. rent' calculators?

Here's another one from the New York Times.

Good luck with all that!