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Full Version: Gibsons Developments - Parkland, its Mews, and Gospel Rock
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The Mews - August 23, 2014 Update:

A third home at the Mews in Parkland sold during the first week of August. That’s 3 down and 4 to go. The home sale at #764 must have been in the works prior to the new relistings that took place on August 2nd. These homes on Gerussi Lane have now gone through 4 relistings (new MLS numbers) and numerous price changes (up and down) since they were first listed back in June, 2013. I have actually had to split the updated spreadsheet into two parts since it is now so huge.

In the image below, the 2013 listing info is on top and followed by the 2014 listing and sales info. The sales info includes the percentage price change of the final sales price relative to the home's very first list price. Looking at the site plan, Units 1, 4, 6 are the sold homes.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=976]

The website for the Mews has now been taken down.
The Mews - December 6, 2015 Update

I’m thrilled to announce that this is the final update for ‘The Mews’ development in the Parkland subdivision. Yes, it’s true because it’s now sold out! The final home,#768, sold in September. It took just over two years for the developer to unload these puppies and what a ride those two years have been – up to 5 different MLS listing numbers, countless price increases and decreases and even a chance to win a free car (scroll back to beginning of the beginning of this thread for that one.)

Here it is then the updated and final spreadsheet post. The negative number in red is the percentage difference between the price drop or final sale price to the original list price.


So, congratulations (I guess) to the developer now that the Mews is a wrap. What’s next? Are you jumping back in now that Gibsons is hot, hot, hot? My advice for what’s it worth: watch those oil prices and dig around to find out who’s snapping up the properties to really understand this current upswing. Good night and good luck.

(If you would like to print this spreadsheet, the best procedure is to save it to your hard drive first. So, click on the image and after it opens in a new tab, right click and click ‘Save image as...’ (exact wording depends on your browser). With Windows OS, you will save it in your Pictures Library. After saving the image, find it and click on it and it should open in the ‘Windows Photo Viewer.” Click on ‘Print’ in menu bar and then click ‘Print’ again and the print dialog box will open. You want ‘Full Page Photo’ and most importantly at the bottom you want to remove the checkmark for ‘Fit picture to frame’ (click in box to remove checkmark). Set the other options to your own preferences; however, ‘Letter’ size paper works best unless you can choose something larger like ‘Legal.’)
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