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Full Version: Sunshine Coast Sales Challenge - SCMEDHSP
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Anyone who has a keen interest in the Sunshine Coast real estate market and who has been following my sales stats posts knows that March sales were abysmal and April may be following suit. So, I thought it might be interesting to set up a pool and allow SC aficionados the opportunity to guess April’s detached sales outcome as we await the month to unfold.

Post your month end detached home sales prediction for the SC and fellow VanPeak moderator, RFM, has come up with a brilliant list of potential prizes (see below) - winner picks. Submissions close on April 23rd which will be prior to my last April sales update (around the 26th). To make the challenge more exciting, put in a guess this week and you can revise it after the next April sales update. But, only one revision allowed before that April 23rd deadline.

Here’s my prediction: 30 detached home sales tops - this excludes MOP sales.
I am truly humbled and honored to be asked by Skook to select the prize for the winner of the Sunshine Coast Month-End Detached-Home Sales Prediction (SCMEDHSP – pronounced ‘schmedschlapp’) contest for April 2014.

For such an important contest (nearly as important as gauging the affect of HAM on house prices in Vancouver!), I thought I would offer an array of suitable prizes, selected from around the world. Your choice!

1. A coffee-table-style glossy-covered book containing a folio of all threads authored by Skook, bound in rich Corinthian leather. Winner responsible for determining that coffee table can support the weight of this tome.

2. Providing you have sufficient room, this fabulous and charming garden sculpture (bonus prize if you correctly name the Canadian artist responsible!):


Delivery and installation at your expense; pickup must occur during a short ‘window’ of opportunity when the local constabulary are asleep, city officials are distracted (ha!) and there is no moon.

3. An all-expense-paid trip by BC Ferries (maximum value CAD$945.00 - one way only, non weekend, maximum vehicle length 13 feet, limited to 2 passengers, refreshments not included; meet the captain $50.00 extra; rare Queen of the North lifesaver available for special purchase) to the Sunshine Coast (includes coffee with Ozzie Jurock) and complimentary tour of successful real estate developments (oh, well, maybe we’ll skip that last part!)

4. Dinner with the Mayor of Gibsons or Sechelt (your choice), catered by a local organic restaurant and held in whichever unsold and empty condo or SFH you want (thousands to choose from!). Dessert will be a luscious pie, chart that is, lovingly prepared in the spotless kitchen of Skook.

5. Complimentary one-month (longer if you want) camping-site reservation on one of the many bare land parcels currently becoming overgrown on the Sunshine Coast. Scenic view and approved development plans included at no charge!

6. A personalized and autographed copy of the Pulitzer-Prize-winning nonfiction work: “Gravel And It’s Role in Modern Neo-Classical Structural Support; Sunshine Coast 1753-1869" ISBN # 938-1455570657.

7. An elegantly-framed photo montage of the intrepid Claytons, Sangaras, Hatfields and McCoys, shown forging ahead with Sunshine Coast developments despite fierce economic headwinds, complete absence of financial viability, attacks by the dreaded brigands the Three Amigos and, of course, lions, tigers and bears, oh my.
My guess is 26.

Incredible increase in sales in the Gibsons area for the week
ending Apr 3 as per joniandgail report. Then 0 sales for the
week ending Apr 10. I think the spurt may have been due to
the bank's 2.99% 5 year mortgage. All fence sitters in now.
Another round of lower prices needed for incentives to buy.
Oh, my, 26 you say. Well, you have your feet on the ground, susanu, so this will be an interesting month to watch.

Let's get some more entries, folks. There are great prizes to be had and we can't forget the bragging rights! Big Grin
I have just posted the SC sales for April 11 - 17, and and its time to reevaluate my end of the month detached home sales for the pool. susanu, you will definitely have to rethink your total to stay in the game...Tongue.

So, SC detached homes sales for April 1 - 17 now stand at 31. My month end prediction was recalculated and at the current pace of sales could reach 56 by the end of the month.

So, my new detached sales guess for the end of April is...tick tock tick tock...hmmm, okay, okay I'm 48.Yep, that's my guess.

Okay, you've all seen the sales results from April 1- 17, join in and earn your bragging rights. BCer? punnoval? Alexcanuk? JimmyWW? RFM? admin? The other 500+ lurkers? Make this interesting. You have until midnight on the 23rd.
54 is my final guess. Sales week to Apr 17 pretty strong in Gibsons which may entice more to buy and that low mortgage rate is very attractive. I was reading on Garth Turner's blog about Vancity mortgage deals. Scary stuff. The banks are doing everything they can to get buyers to keep the prices up so their high mortgages don't go below the assessment value. Far worse than the early 1980's situation.
Skook is on a well-deserved sabbatical and will grade your test papers soon!
I’ve just uploaded the April Sales stats…a wee bit late…lol…and, my golly gosh, if I didn’t win the big April detached sales guess-off with my "48" detached home sales. To be honest, I figured susanu had this one in the bag.

Now, to avoid any conflict of interest, I can’t claim a prize; but, if I could I would choose the “fabulous and charming garden sculpture” and “donate” it in the middle of the night to the District of Sechelt. The ideal spot would be next to DOS Municipal Office/Library so that Mayor Zoom Zoom could look out his window and enjoy it on a daily basis. You see if ‘georgie girl’ is correct, Mayor Zoom Zoom’s Hong Kong experience and contacts may be finally reaping results and, if so, then he deserves to be “paid in spades” for initiating such profound change, does he not?
Congratulations Skook!

Wait?!? Isn’t Skook the sponsor of this contest and therefore, under Rule 22.7(B)(1)(j) disqualified from winning the prize?

Yup. So as Skook says, the prize will be donated.

For anyone who wondered, the prize is The Vaillancourt Fountain, sometimes called Quebec libre! Currently located in Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco and designed by the Québécois artist Armand Vaillancourt in 1971. It is about 40 feet (12 m) high and is constructed out of precast concrete square tubes. Long considered an eyesore, er, controversial, because of its stark, modernist appearance, there have been several unsuccessful proposals to demolish the fountain over the years. Accordingly, residents of San Francisco won’t be angered by management’s arrangements to airlift it to Sechelt, where Mayor Zoom Zoom can publicize it in Hong Kong, no doubt to great advantage!

So there you go. Providing public information, providing guilt-free gambling opportunities to our readers and beautifying the Sunshine Coast, one monstrous ‘garden sculpture’ at a time.