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Full Version: New Developments and Presales
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Hey everyone,

There are many sale center for new condos and developments all over GVA (Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, etc).

This is my question for everybody here:
What are the metrics, or information that you look at, when you visit the new condo sale centers?

I will start off with my list:

1. Developer (reputation, past projects, BBB reviews, etc)
2. Location (school district, public transit, grocery stores, community gyms)
3. $ per square foot (can be calculated from the pricing list, which indicates the price range for 1BR, 2BR, etc)
4. Future community planning of close-by area (whether there will be new towers going up, new transit stops, potential rezoning of near-by buildings, etc. I usually do at quick google search, drive around the neighborhood, or look at the city's development application site)
5. Potential rental income (craiglist or kijiji for units nearby gives a good indication of how much rent you'll get)
6. Room dimension (layout, height, width and length)
7. Direction (where the unit is facing, light exposure)
8. Density (total units in the development. I usually get turned off when I see an overly-densed development)

What are the metrics / information that you guys look at when evaluating a new condo / development?

Please provide your list and feel free to comment and/or add to items that I have already mentioned in my list.

Thanks everyone!

Welcome to VanPeak, ct85!

In your introduction you wrote:
Quote:Honestly I was a somewhat surprised to see so few posts here, given how busy and active the real estate market has been in Vancouver in the recent years.

Here's hoping your post picks up the activity. By the way, there is a forum dedicated to 'Condominums' under 'Data and Statistics'. Just thought I would point that out in case you missed it.
Thank you for the warm welcome Skook.

Would you care to share your list of items when you visit a new development sales center? Smile

And also thanks for letting me know about the condominium thread, totally didn't see that!

Quote:Would you care to share your list of items when you visit a new development sales center?

Nope. I am tad wrapped up with the Sunshine Coast data. Tongue As well, I post the VIREB sales data and keep an eye on things as a moderator. I guess you really haven't nosed around the forum have you, ct85.

Just curious. Are you buying or selling?