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Full Version: 2016 Sunshine Coast & Bowen Island Real Estate Sales Stats
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You know what - it's too damn early for hockey. Although, it's fun to watch team North America...zoom, zoom. Besides, I just looked at the calendar and there's only 10 days until the end of month when REBGV will next work its magic. Whoa, I've got to motor.

So, the new Sunshine Coast/Bowen Island RE blog is live and the "intro" post is up. I figure this will force me to sit down and finish up all the stats posts that are in varying stages of completion. As I mentioned the other day, I'll be starting with Bowen Island. All you Sunshine Coasters - be patient; they're coming.

So here is the new address and its big:

You'll definitely have to bookmark that baby or copy and paste it into Notebook and save it to your desktop - I've done both.

See you over at Blogger,
New post on blog...Bowen Island Dec 2015 Sales Stats...


New post up on Blogger - Bowen Island 2015 Sales Summary



(P.S) I'm not so cheery. I really, really hate using Blogger...Sad...the text editor is such a nightmare. I'll be lucky if I have the patience to make it to the end of the year.
I have just posted the Jan-Aug 2016 Bowen Island Sales Stats. Here's the link...


New blog post under the Label...

RE - The Economic Spin...offs

The Sunshine Coast stats are going up on the blog beginning with Dec 2015 - to finish that year off. Two posts are up...

SC Dec 2015 ‘$1mill+’ Property Sales


SC Dec 2015 Lot Sales

It’s a start...Big Grin
I've just uploaded a new post to the stats blog...

Bowen Island September 2016 Sales Stats

New post on the stats blog...

SC December 2015 Sales Stats

Yep, we're getting closer to the 2016 sales stats...LOL...Big Grin

But wait there's more...

2015 Sunshine Coast Year End Tables and Charts

Skook keeps on ticking...Big Grin
I added an additional three new blog posts last night...

Sunshine Coast - 2016 Sales Predicitons

The very first 2016 SC stats post...hurrah!!!
Jan-Sep 2016 SC Benchmark/Median/Average Sales Price Comparison

And, a helpful reference post on the new...
Foreign Buyers Property Transfer Tax

Happy reading!
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