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Full Version: At last, new posts on Real Estate blog...
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Yep, it's me and I've been busy.

I've posted two blog posts. The first is under 'Skook's Chatter' and explains what's up:


The second post are sales summaries for 2017:


Next posts will be 2018 sales stats - lots and lots of stats. So many stats that you'll be sick of stats by the time I've finished. Big Grin

The first 2018 SC Sales Stats post if up on the blog...


SC - Stats Post #2 ($1mill+ SDH Property Sales) is now up on the blog...


Skook Big Grin
I have added four new blog posts over the last two days beginning with SC - Stats Post #3...


I'm keeping text to the minimum; otherwise, I'll never get these 2018 stats posted. My chatty days are over - Skook is now just lean and mean.

I've just set up a new category on the real estate blog...

SC - 2018...YA BURNT!!!

I've uploaded the first post under that label. There will be others as time and energy permits. Tongue

I'm stepping off from the Sunshine Coast for two posts.

An update to Greater Vancouver Real Estate Sales Data is long overdue. This new post looks at Single Detached Home Sales and Prices...


Condo Sales data to follow in a day or two and then I'll be back on SC.

Skook Big Grin
I've just posted Greater Vancouver Condo Sales Data 2013-2018 on the real estate blog.


I'll be updating the Greater Van data on a quarterly basis only.

Now, it's back to posting SC sales data....Skook Cool
I've changed my mind and have just posted a brief July 2018 update for Greater Van detached and condo sales....


The stats were too spectacular to ignore... Tongue