Vancouver Peak

Full Version: Vancouver CMA Housing Starts and Completions
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This thread shows historical starts and completions reported through CMHC surveys. Data are seasonal so plotted on 12 month moving average. That means that peaks will lag by 6 months. For example if a peak shows in January 2008 that means the actual peak was in July 2007.

These graphs will be updated on a semi-regular basis as long as I'm still around. Data are from CANSIM Table 027-0048 for Vancouver.

[Image: oimg?key=0Aku6wWaKdvsQdG9fbkNmVFJZbHppOU...1b8h99n7e3]

[Image: oimg?key=0Aku6wWaKdvsQdG9fbkNmVFJZbHppOU...y9c3qrnyp3]