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Full Version: Please suggest forum categories here.
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We could use your help organizing the new forum. We're trying to figure out the best balance between proper categorization and not having everything too split up.

Our current organization looks like this:

The Peak
-General Chatter (catch all misc topics)
-Quote Tracker (thread tracking expert quotes)

Data and Statistics
-Daily Stats (current stats, listings / sales, etc)
-Historical Stats (bigger picture, longer range stats)
-Data sources and requests (where to find data)

Site News and Announcements
-Site news and feedback (site related and your feedback)
-Recycle bin (test posts and stuff marked for deletion)

We can add new categories if there is any need, or readjust the existing ones. Ideally it should be clear for any visitor where to look for certain information or where to add posts. Any and all feedback and ideas in appreciated. Thanks!
How about an area for anecdotal stuff - hearsay, personal experience, so on?
(01-02-2013, 11:01 PM)Angloman Wrote: [ -> ]How about an area for anecdotal stuff - hearsay, personal experience, so on?

Added! Thanks for the suggestion.
Is there an area of the lower mainland that you’ve been studying and would like to share your data but don’t know where to post? Or, have you become expert on the condo developments but don’t see a spot where you can expound?

Not a problem. Just send an email to the board admin via “Contact Us” at the bottom of the main page, explain what you have in mind, and heaven and earth will be moved for you. Well, at the very least all suggestions are gratefully received and duly considered.

Or, if you think we need for a new forum category for any other reason, post a reply here.