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Moved to Vancouver in '09. Mentioned to my colleague re: high housing price and thinking it's unsustainable, got introduced to VCI and Garth's site in late '09. Saw the timing was ripe for correction in May 2011, I started posting on some Chinese RE forums, enduring heavy attack from realtors and pumpers.

After a few correct calls, was approached by 2 Chinese RE sites in late 2011 to be their RE columnist (unpaid) and stats source. To store those forum posts in a safer location and to allow easier lookup, I started a blog, initially in Chinese but now transitioning to predominently English.

Already has sufficient DP for "entry-level" SFH but I'm still happily renting. May consider getting into SFH market in 2-3 years, with higher DP, at a lower entry point.
New member. Longtime reader.
Hi all. New to the forum, dedicated daily reader for the last many years. Just posting so I can trick the forum into thinking I'm not a bot. Smile
Good evening. I have lived in Vancouver for many years and have a longstanding interest in real estate. I have been a dedicated and appreciative reader of VCI, and look forward to participating here.

many thanks,
Hello, just marking my spotSmile
I am not a bot.
Prices are too high when rental properties have cap rates of 2%
No bot for you...
Hello. Thx VCI for lots of interesting reads. Longtime reader but never a poster. Will continue to enjoy this and my other favs (vreaa, whispers, price drop and Garth). Sold in Dunbar in 2010, rent in Shaughnessy and waiting....
Cheers everyone!
Finally registered today.
Have been a reader and casual poster under "patsan" since VHB times.
Used to be an owner in 2002-2009. Now a renter and I am not sure whether I would like to become an owner in future.
Posting so I don't get deleted.
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