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Laneway house categorization - jesse - 06-13-2013

Email sent to statscan:
Quote:I have a question about how so-called carriage or laneway houses are categorized according to your 2011 census definitions. In Vancouver and other municipalities, a laneway house is a small house on the back of a lot, often attached to a garage, with a larger main house on another part of the property. The laneway house does not have any walls attached to other structures, except to a garage, though this garage is typically not accessible by the occupants of the laneway house.

These are the definitions I am using:

Are laneway houses counted as “single detached” when rolling up census data?



Thank you for contacting Statistics Canada.

I have contacted the division responsible for the Census regarding your questions on laneway or carriage houses and they have responded with the following:

The client is correct. Based on the description provided of a “laneway” or “carriage” house, these fall under the “single-detached house” category.

Please see the document Structural Type of Dwelling and Collectives Reference Guide, 2011 Census
for more information: