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I am not a Bot!!! - Angloman - 12-29-2012

Hi there - I imagine my posts here will not be very frequent, because I generally feel that I have nothing to add to the discussion. Suffice to say that reading here and at VCI are the highlights of my day Smile.
I will be telling my story of moving to Vancouver from the UK, with aspirations of buying a home, when I have time to write it - hopefully someone will be interested in hearing of the pain it was watching the market in the UK go beyond my reach, and then seeing it happen here. That way you will understand why this, and other intelligent property forums, have been my lifeblood in sharing my opinions and belief that this market is in the early stages of going down like a meteor!
Enough for now. But i shall just ask - is anyone interested in hearing my thoughts on life, being priced out, and patiently waiting for a downturn instead of becoming an economic slave?



RE: I am not a Bot!!! - Bailing in BC - 12-31-2012

I am human too. (just incase anyone was wondering)

RE: I am not a Bot!!! - Van Coffee - 12-31-2012

Not a bot - i am a poor vancouverite......

RE: I am not a Bot!!! - Ash - 12-31-2012

I am not a bot.

I enjoy reading VCI every single day but not a regular poster.

RE: I am not a Bot!!! - bubbly - 01-04-2013


RE: I am not a Bot!!! - Someguy - 01-04-2013

Bzzzt . not a bot.. bzzt

RE: I am not a Bot!!! - metalhead - 01-06-2013

Bot test. Big Grin

RE: I am not a Bot!!! - [email protected] - 01-10-2013

Same thing, I am not a robot, haha.

RE: I am not a Bot!!! - CanuckDownUnder - 01-10-2013

Generic non-bot post.

RE: I am not a Bot!!! - Bob Arctor - 01-11-2013

Just nigerian royalty trying to transfer my wealth to BPOE. Kindly please give me your bank account # so I can send my monies. ;-)