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Battle of Vancouver: CONDO - fixbot - 12-28-2012

Battle of Vancouver: CONDO

Nov 2012:

- Bear Forces claimed strategic Vancouver West and Burnaby East

- Bear Forces also gained Langley, but lost Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows.

- Richmond became unclaimed

[Image: Battle_of_GV_Condo_2012_11.jpg]

For the October 2012 Condo Battle Map see here:

RE: Battle of Vancouver! - jsquaredinvan - 12-31-2012

Detached in East Van seems to be holding up compared to other areas around the city. I'm thinking that this is due to the CHMC insuring houses less than $1M, but we will see what 2013 brings.

RE: Battle of Vancouver! - minotaur3 - 01-02-2013

I love these maps!

RE: Battle of Vancouver! - jzc - 01-03-2013

Thanks, and could not wait for Dec. 2012 update. I think Richmond would fall into bears' paws Big Grin

Please send the map to all non-realtor controlled media outlets.

RE: Battle of Vancouver! - VMD - 01-03-2013

Dec 2012 Condo Battle Map:

- Bear Forces forcefully claimed highly strategic Richmond
- Bear Forces now control the entire pacific waterfront and YVR airport, cutting off Bull's access to HAM (Hostile Asian Mercenaries)
- North Vancouver Bull Forces are being decimated from 6 tanks down to 1. It may be next to fall.
- Bear Forces however lost Langley & Burnaby East to Bulls.
- Burnaby East was +5.8% MoM, +7.2% in 3mo. Likely just a transient counter-attack.

[Image: Battle_of_GV_Condo_2012_12.jpg]

* Areas with Positive Year-over-year HPI are controlled by Bulls.
* Areas with Negative Year-over-year HPI are controlled by Bears.
* Each 1% = One Tank.

Last Month (Nov 2012):
[Image: Battle_of_GV_Condo_2012_11.jpg]