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Luxury Price Per Poop Cost - ant - 03-20-2013

'Goodtobeout' pointed out this little bit of math. He was looking at the building that Kim Campbell is trying to sue her way out of the presales contract on.

Quote:I visited the developers web site. At $1.88M suite 3603 works out to $1880/sqft (unbelievable). I tried to view the floor plan but you have to pay a $50 subsciption first (absolutely absurd). But let’s say, for the sake of argument, the bathroom in this suite measures 8 x 10 or 80 square feet. That’s $150,000 “worth” of floor space.

That equates to a cost of $41 per sh*t averaged over a 10 year period.

Cost of toilet paper not included!

Let's get real, nobody goes for a 10 year mortgage term. Over the course of 25 years your PPP drops to a much more reasonable $16.45.

The PPP is even lower if you eat lots of fiber!

Big Grin