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Sunshine Coast Data: Table of Threads (Read Me) - Skook - 04-06-2014

The Sunshine Coast forum is now at 3 pages and counting; I obviously believe I have a lot to say. There is no doubt it is becoming unwieldy and any new visitor likely won't know where to begin. Regular visitors will have forgotten what was written months ago and I am falling into that category, too. Believe it or not, there are “themes” to my posts as I attempt to explore different aspects and effects of the SC’s real estate boom and bust. However, they are not apparent with the way the forum functions.

I thought a “Table of Threads” might solve all these problems. The Table is now organized into the "themes" and every dark blue list item is linked to the thread in question which will open in a new tab or window depending on your browser settings. New threads to the forum will be added to the Table as they are posted. I hope you will find this useful. Please let me know by Private Message if there are any technical problems.


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