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Gibsons Development - Vista Ridge at Grantham's - Skook - 12-06-2015

There once was an earlier Vista Ridge at Grantham's thread but I’ve just discovered today it’s gone. The forum member who began it must have felt it was time to move on so he packed up his toys and left. Huh

In the meantime, I had sat down a few weeks backs and put together a spreadsheet for the development – well, there’s no point in letting a good spreadsheet go to waste Tongue. I’m also adding the development’s site plan that you can save.

(click on image)


After languishing for four years, lot sales and builders’ spec homes are finally taking off.

To Print the Spreadsheet:
The best procedure is to save it to your hard drive first. So, click on the image and after it opens in a new tab, right click and click ‘Save image as...’ (exact wording depends on your browser). With Windows OS, you will save it in your Pictures Library. After saving the image, find it and click on it and it should open in the ‘Windows Photo Viewer.” Click on ‘Print’ in menu bar and then click ‘Print’ again and the print dialog box will open. You want ‘Full Page Photo’ and most importantly at the bottom you want to remove the checkmark for ‘Fit picture to frame’ (click in box to remove checkmark). Set the other options to your own preferences; however, ‘Letter’ size paper works best unless you can choose something larger like ‘Legal.’