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BC Population Growth - jesse - 01-02-2013

Charts showing historical BC population growth. These charts will be updated on new releases if I'm still around. Population growth is related to dwelling formation and an important component of how quickly for-sale inventory can be absorbed

[Image: oimg?key=0Aku6wWaKdvsQdFJBdDh2RmZ3MXlOWU...vtvfadzejt]

[Image: oimg?key=0Aku6wWaKdvsQdFJBdDh2RmZ3MXlOWU...durj7y98e8]

[Image: oimg?key=0Aku6wWaKdvsQdFJBdDh2RmZ3MXlOWU...r9h3m4yxrs]

[Image: oimg?key=0Aku6wWaKdvsQdFJBdDh2RmZ3MXlOWU...ffh4qr8a44]

[Image: oimg?key=0Aku6wWaKdvsQdFJBdDh2RmZ3MXlOWU...9s02xu9ks7]