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Where's Skook?
05-29-2016, 07:16 AM,
RE: Where's Skook?
(04-23-2016, 02:48 PM)JimmyWW Wrote: Any sign of Skook's new site? for interest, we paid around $300/sq ft for our house on Bowen in early January. One has just changed hands four months later for $877/sq ft... Jimmy

Hey JimmyWW,

No sign of Skook. Odd.

I so enjoyed his work and always blown away by his analytics. And now we are in the midst of the biggest RE boom in Sunshine Coast history -- we totally need him to comment on what the heck is going on!

As an aside, listed my Lower Gibsons cottage 48 hours ago -- listed about 200K MORE than I thought it would list for which was a nice surprise!! Works out to about $333/sq ft (so no where close to the Bowen $$$ you reference -- that is a crazy rise in short time, Jimmy!). Having said that, I have to have an offer/closing deal to really celebrate. Should hit MLS early next week. A comparable sold in a few days for full price. Here is hoping.....

I picked up a new vintage "cottage" in Gibsons back in Oct 2015 -- and boy was that lucky timing. The market in Gibsons started heating up in Nov 2015 and has been red hot ever since. The new place is on a full acre 200 ft from the beach in the Bonnie Brook/Chaster Beach/Ocean Beach Esplanade area -- the sunsets are amazing! One of only 3 full acre lots nearby. And having more land is a dream come true (love me my privacy at home!).

In the meantime, where IS Skook!!???!!

Tried googling "Skook + Real Estate" and a few other variables to see if I could locate his new luck.

Skook, we miss you!!

Jimmy, take care!!


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